Weather for Iphone OS

Lazy-weather 1.0

It is convenient to check local weather conditions anytime and anywhere.

Weather Today TU 1.0

Get all weather info in light-weight app. In this app you can see weather in both fahrenheit and celsius without making changes in settings. And can check humidity, UV Index, wind flow, dew point and pressure at the same time.

Climat 1.0

Climat is a simple weather app. Why choose this weather app? Because this app is: + Beautiful + Simple to use + Free with no ads Download it now and enjoy the amazing design.

Surfland 0.2.0

Surfland provides swell forecasts for the San Francisco area. We're dedicated to helping surfers score great waves. We give you the long-range swell charts to see when your spot will fire. Be your own surf forecaster - Surfland has your back! We're only

Wind Tracker 1.0

The most accurate wind & weather forecast for kitesurfing/kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing, drone flying, cycling, hunting, fishing, sailing, and paragliding! Features: - Unlimited and easy search for spots worldwide - Hour-by-hour wind speed & direct

Simple Moon Phase Calendar 1.0.2

It is a simple moon phase calendar. Tap the date cell to display the detail screen. The data to display is the moon phase, moon age, distance, percent illuminated, moon sign , constellation, Mercury retrograde, moonrise and monnset etc. There is also a no

Full Moon Calendar (MoonCal) 10.0.0

Add moon phases to your Calendar, right where they belong. Full moon, new moon, first and last quarter...right between your other appointments, ideal for planning a romantic picnic. Benefits - Once the moon phases are in your calendar no internet connect

RW XWind 1.0.4

RW XWind enables fixed wing, rotary or glider pilots to display a selection of favourite airfields, displaying the runway with the least crosswind component calculated from the METAR data for the airfield (or closest airfield if none directly available).

widget weather lite 2.4.1

Even bad weather can be forecasted beautifully and with widget weather, any weather will look good on your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch! This is the free version of widget weather. The full version includes the following extra features: -Pick your favorite w

Unwetterradar Deutschland 1.6.1

Deutsches Unwetterradar - Mit uns sind Sie überall bestens über Unwetter informiert! Die kostenlose App des Deutschen Unwetterradars, den Experten für Unwetterwarnungen, bietet Ihnen alle Informationen über aktuelle Unwetter in Deutschland auf dem Apple