Books & Reference for Iphone OS

iAzkar - آي أذكار 4.0

iAzkar is an Arabic Islamic App that displays Muslims Daily Athkar (Islamic Reminder) in very easy to use App. iAzkar divided daily Thekr into five different sections... 1-Morning Azkar 2-Evening Azkar 3-Everyday Prayers Azkar 4-Selected Azkar 5-Zekr Ben

Swahili Bible 1.8

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = "For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope" ( Jeremiah 29:11) We wish you all a Happy New Year and prosperous 2015 ~ Swah

Oromo Audio Bible 1.2

We are happy to offer Oromo Audio Bible for your iPhone, ipad and iPod. It comes with essential iOS features, utilizing the power of apple device for Oromo speaking community. A simple, yet a powerful design allows users to easily listen to the Bible, na

World Factbook 2018 Statistics 2.3

World Factbook 2017 provides valuable up-to-date Facts & Maps on over 250 World Countries. Users Love World Factbook 2017! ----------------------------- 5 STARS ***** I love this handy app. It keeps me a little more informed about the world. If I wonder

Solar Walk Ads+: Explore Space 2.4.3

Discover the solar system and fascinating facts. Solar Walk is a spacial exploration app that lets you delve into each one of the planets that surround us. You can read up on general information, pore over numerical data and also take a peek at the plane

Tapas - Comics & Stories 3.5.6

Find the best comics, books, and stories to read on your phone.. The somewhat oddly named (one would think it had something to do with appetizers) app Tapas is actually a comic, book, and other short stories reading app that allows you to read best-selli

Inkling 4.3.5

Get entire books or on demand chapters and learn at your very own pace. E-learners are an efficient-concerned type. Sometimes, what you want to learn doesn't require to read an entire book but a chapter or two. Inkling eBooks is your personal mobile

Amazon Kindle 6.3

Turn your smartphone into a Kindle Reader.. Amazon launched their e-reader Kindle on time. With this app, you can transform your smartphone into a Kindle and enjoy all the options that come with the real device. The app allows you to read Kindle e-books o

Otto - Audiobooks and Podcasts 3.0.3

An amazing podcast network for discovering the best podcasts and radio news. Otto Radio for news & podcasts is a new and innovative application for those who love discovering new podcasts and top news stories. It's a podcast discovery platform t

BT Notifier - for Smartwatch 1.2

Don't lose your time. You have today the opportunity to try the best BT Notifier for your SmartWatch ! This is the fastest app for your Smart-Watch device, more then this you will have the opportunity to get the latest news and reviews from our experts a