Board for Iphone OS

Block Puzzle Wood 1.2.1

Most popular puzzle game! Place the pieces into board. Once you fill in a vertical or horizontal line, it will disappear, freeing up space for new pieces. Game will be over if there are no space for any the given blocks below the board. Easy to play and

Color By Number - Pixel Paint 1.5

Love to Paint? We have exciting and unique Pixel patterns and diagrams suitable for both children and adults to color. Most of us enjoyed colour by number games and kits. It is a great way for kids to recognize numbers and diagrams. For adults it might

Jigsaw Puzzles Daisy 1.5.2

We put in the app everything that you love in a classical jigsaw puzzle and got rid of everything that you hate. Daisy Jigsaw Puzzle suits both adults and kids. Dive into the colorful world of thousands of pieces. You’ll definitely appreciate these featu

Words Crush: Hidden Themes! 1.5.19

Addictive, fast- paced, Spectacular Word Puzzle Game: Words Crush Hidden Themes! W-E-I-R-D or W-I-E-R-D? A-C-C-O-M-M-O-D-A-T-E or A-C-C-O-M-O-D-A-T-E? Enjoy the world's most popular words game with a big TWIST created by BitMango HOW TO PLAY • Words

10k+ Color By Number Pixel Art 1.35

10k+ Pixel Color by Number Game is one of the best free anti-stress apps you can find. Browse tons of pictures and paint pixel boxes by numbers in the palette. Enjoy your final color book results and share it with your friends. Pixel coloring is easy with

Lord of Dice 1.2.99

* Strategic Anime RPG with Hero Collection and Dice Mechanics! * Adventure through the Sealed Infinity Tower! * Choose & Customize Master with Unique Outfits and Special Skills! - With Stunning Visuals and Power, Overwhelm Your Enemies! * Collect O

Woodblox - Wood Block Puzzle 1.3.1

Exercise your brain everyday with Woodblox puzzle, colorful and bright - puzzlers’ delight! Woodblox Puzzle is a new addictive colour block puzzle game with unique woody shapes, higher scores and more rewards. Place wooden blocks and clear the play are

Connect Letters: Find Words 1.0.0

The point of the game is to find the hidden words on the letterboard. Select the letters with your finger and find all the words needed to pass each level. The WordSearch game consists of two thousand levels of verbal variety. All you need to do is find

Puzzles & Jigsaws Pro 3.7

Puzzles & Jigsaws Pro is the best jigsaw app from the AppStore. It is a highly addictive and relaxing game that provides endless hours of entertainment and fun for the whole family. It has been recommended by Apple, getting placed in the TOP 25 puzzle ga

Monster Busters: Ice Slide 1.0.33

Drag a line and eliminate the monsters on-screen with your friends. In the world of Monster Busters: Ice Slide, gingerbreads are in trouble from ferocious yet cute-looking monsters, and it’s up to you to save them. Designed for your iOS or Android