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Iphone .ipa Block Puzzle Wood

Block Puzzle Wood 1.2.1

Most popular puzzle game! Place the pieces into board. Once you fill in a vertical or horizontal line, it will disappear, freeing up space for new pieces. Game will be over if there are no space for any the given blocks below the board. Easy to play and
Iphone .ipa Color By Number - Pixel Paint

Color By Number - Pixel Paint 1.5

Love to Paint? We have exciting and unique Pixel patterns and diagrams suitable for both children and adults to color. Most of us enjoyed colour by number games and kits. It is a great way for kids to recognize numbers and diagrams. For adults it might
Iphone .ipa Jigsaw Puzzles Daisy

Jigsaw Puzzles Daisy 1.5.2

We put in the app everything that you love in a classical jigsaw puzzle and got rid of everything that you hate. Daisy Jigsaw Puzzle suits both adults and kids. Dive into the colorful world of thousands of pieces. You’ll definitely appreciate these featu
Iphone .ipa Words Crush: Hidden Themes!

Words Crush: Hidden Themes! 1.5.19

Addictive, fast- paced, Spectacular Word Puzzle Game: Words Crush Hidden Themes! W-E-I-R-D or W-I-E-R-D? A-C-C-O-M-M-O-D-A-T-E or A-C-C-O-M-O-D-A-T-E? Enjoy the world's most popular words game with a big TWIST created by BitMango HOW TO PLAY • Words
Iphone .ipa 10k+ Color By Number Pixel Art

10k+ Color By Number Pixel Art 1.35

10k+ Pixel Color by Number Game is one of the best free anti-stress apps you can find. Browse tons of pictures and paint pixel boxes by numbers in the palette. Enjoy your final color book results and share it with your friends. Pixel coloring is easy with
Iphone .ipa Lord of Dice

Lord of Dice 1.2.99

* Strategic Anime RPG with Hero Collection and Dice Mechanics! * Adventure through the Sealed Infinity Tower! * Choose & Customize Master with Unique Outfits and Special Skills! - With Stunning Visuals and Power, Overwhelm Your Enemies! * Collect O
Iphone .ipa Stickman Soccer

Stickman Soccer 3.0

A sideview soccer game. Stickman Soccer (unneeded pun incoming) sticks to the same features soccer games have featured since Match Day or even earlier. A side view, a semi-automated system to control the nearest player to the action while the AI does cont
Iphone .ipa Monkey Ropes

Monkey Ropes 1.12

Keep jumping as long as you can, and work together as a team alone. Forced to navigate in a jungle by yourself is already hard enough. But in Monkey Ropes, you’ll do so, tied to another fellow monkey. In this platformer designed for hardcore player
Iphone .ipa Evil Factory

Evil Factory 2.2.8

Evil Factory combines great retro graphics, a solid soundtrack, and fun gameplay. Welcome to Evil Factory, where, as the name shows, evil’s freely roaming about. On the iOS and Android, you’ll control a superstar agent in charge of putting an
Iphone .ipa Tales of the Rays

Tales of the Rays 1.1.6

Unsheathe your sword and take back your world. Once again, the world is about to be destroyed. Thankfully you and a female colleague are out to save the one, one sword slash at a time. In Tales of the Rays for the Android and iOS, you’ll control Ix

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